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Mar 14

"Bloody hell..this is me tomorrow morning…..no joke.." ((No I’m serious))

Mar 06

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Mar 04

dudeitsamelia-deactivated201212 said: HI DUDE WHAT'S UP !!!!!

Arthur raised an eyebrow before shaking his head and face palming, “Alright what is it you want this time, Amelia?” ((GENDER BEND :D))

Mar 01

((Looking for someone to roleplay with and Creative Magic Anons. <3


Feb 29


Feb 28

thegrandhero said: whats bro .you should totally try eating a dougnut

"No thanks. I’d rather NOT end up like you."


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((Thank you so much~!!!!! :D )) Arthur blushed lightly and then looked away rubbing the back of his head, “Oh my. Is that really what you think?”

((hehe weolcome *A*))

“Yes, why would I lie?”


Arthur had a suspecting look on his face almost as if he didn’t trust him, “Hmmm…”

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Anon or not, put a symbol in my ask


‽ - I’m too shy to talk to you

✩ - You inspire me

☼ - You make me smile

☏ - I wish we’d talk more

✌- I want to get to know you

☺ - I want to be your friend

#- I want to thank you

✓ - I like you

♣ -  I want to cuddle you

❀ - I think I’m falling for you

* - I want to kiss you

♥ - I’m in love with you

愛 - I love you

∞ - I want to date you

✤ - I would have sex with you

© - Will you be mine?

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Feb 26

totallynumberonehero-deactivate said: I-I take offense to that, man! I'm totally not cute! I'm sexy! ((>////>; I'm really not cute, ya weirdo. <3))

"Alright fine then, you’re sexy." ((I know, it’s because you’re sexy~ <3))